Learning About Moving And Storage Services

Learning About Moving And Storage Services

Moving To A Colder Climate – How To Protect Your Stuff

by Georgia Mccoy

As if planning for a big move wasn't hard enough, you add the complication of transporting your stuff and moving to a completely different climate to the mix. Now, you have more issues to contend against as you work to get everything moved safely. Here, you will learn a few tips that can help you transport your things through changing climates without causing any damage to anything.

Seriously, Hire Some Movers

You might initially think that you can get this all done on your own with no problems, but the truth is, without experience packing and transporting a house full of goods such a long distance, you will run into problems.

Driving so many miles could expose you to rapidly changing weather patterns. Although the sun is shining at your old home, the next state could be experiencing torrential downfalls and the next state snow squalls.

The moving company will only employ drivers that are experienced in those big trucks, which will make it much safer for them to navigate through the changing weather.

Pack to Protect

Cold temperatures could do some serious damage to some of the things you are moving. Electronics, houseplants, and fragile glassware are just a few things that will need extra attention as you pack them for the move. So how do you protect them from the cold temperatures? Here's a few options.

Insulated Packing Products – You can purchase packing products that are insulated. Insulated boxes are made to fit electronics, like your television. Although the outside of the box gets cold while in the back of the truck, the contents of the box remain at a steadier temperature.

Foam Coolers – Instead of wrapping your glassware and tucking it inside a cardboard box, pick up a few of those cheap foam coolers. Wrap your glassware in bubble wrap or thick paper and tuck it inside the cooler. Tape the lid closed and your fragile glassware will remain at a warmer temperature and will be better protected during the move.

Hand Warmers – You know those instant hand warmers that you open and massage until they are nice and warm? You can use those to help get your plants from point A to point B safely. Keep the plants in their pots and put them in a box with the top open. Put a couple of hand warmers in the box and cover that box with another box that is slightly larger. This will enclose the plant and the warmth will help during the trip.

Talk with moving companies to learn more about making your next move a little easier and a lot safer.


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Learning About Moving And Storage Services

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