Learning About Moving And Storage Services

Learning About Moving And Storage Services

Two Tips For Protecting Medical Records During A Commercial Move

by Georgia Mccoy

While moving your medical practice to a new facility can be exciting, it can also leave you vulnerable to legal liability. This is because, although your patients' medical files are under tight security at your current place, the sensitive information contained in those files become susceptible to theft when they are being transported to your new office. Here are two tips for securing your patients' medical records to keep them save from potential identity thieves.

Pack Physical Files in Lockable Containers

Most healthcare facilities use computers to manage patient care and billing. However, chances are good you still have filing cabinets full of paperwork on your clients. If an identity thief is going to steal patient information, he or she will attempt to snag it from the patients' paper files, which typically go unguarded during a move.

One thing you can do is make it harder to access the files by placing them in lockable containers. For instance, you can leave the files in the filing cabinet, lock the drawers, and then tape them shut using packing tape. Not only will this make it more difficult for a thief to get to the files, you'll know someone has accessed them (or attempted to) because the tape will typically be disturbed.

Be sure to count the number of containers your files are in when they leave the old facility and when they arrive at the new one, so you'll know immediately if any are missing and can take appropriate action.

Lock Up Your Tech

The other thing you want to do is lock up any and all technology that may contain patient information. Not only does this encompass desktop and laptop computers, but also tablets, mobile devices, photocopiers, fax machines, and multipurpose machines.

At minimum, password protect machines you plan on keeping and thoroughly wipe the memory of stuff you plan on selling. Erasing data memory is particularly important to do with copy and fax machines, as the security features on these machines are often easily defeated.

Adequately Vet the Movers

A third thing you need to do is vet the movers as much as possible. Try to hire a company that has experience moving medical providers, because they will typically understand nature of the data you're transporting and have processes in place to help safeguard it. However, at minimum, make sure the movers do background checks on their employees as this will reduce the risk you'll end up exposing your patient records to someone with a history of stealing valuable items.

For more tips on securing patient records during your move, contact a commercial relocation company.


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