Learning About Moving And Storage Services

Learning About Moving And Storage Services

Everyday Items That Residential Movers May Not Touch

by Georgia Mccoy

Before you start packing your household items for a move, you need to consult the movers for clarification on what they can or cannot move. This is because there are relatively common items that the movers may not handle. Here are a few examples of such materials:

Last Holiday's Fireworks

Professional moving companies do not usually transport explosives, and fireworks are classic examples of explosives. There are various reasons for this. For example, having an explosive on board can increase the magnitude of damage and injury in case of a crash. There is also a risk that the fireworks may cause an accident by catching fire. Then there is also the issue of regulation; the transportation of explosives is tightly regulated and general-purpose movers are generally prohibited from handling them. Therefore, if you have some explosives left over from last year's 4th of July celebrations, look for a different way of transporting them.

Your Beloved Potted Plants

There are three main reasons you shouldn't pack your household plants for the movers. First, the trucks used by moving companies are usually not ventilated enough for plants; your plants may die during transportation. Secondly, if you are planning an interstate move, you should be aware that most states restrict the type of plants they can allow into their territories; there may also be a few prerequisites before bringing in the allowed plants. Lastly, some movers have terms and conditions that prohibit the carriage of plants.

Your Inherited Hunting Guns

If you have inherited a few guns from your grandfather, you will have to get them to your next house in a different means other than using a moving company. It is not illegal for movers to carry guns, but there are specific laws for handling them, and some movers prefer to avoid firearms altogether. Also, the ammunition for your firearms falls in the category of explosives, which movers can't touch. Therefore, even if you want your movers to carry the guns, you have to unload your guns and move the ammunition separately.

Your Stock of Cleaning Supplies

It is not just flammable or explosive materials that are considered hazardous; even corrosive substances fall in this category. This is because corrosive materials can leak and cause serious damage. Unfortunately, cleaning materials are corrosive in nature, which means your movers probably won't be able to carry them. Therefore, if you bought a huge stock of cleaning solutions during a sales offer, you will have to transport them via other means.


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Learning About Moving And Storage Services

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