Learning About Moving And Storage Services

Learning About Moving And Storage Services

A White Glove Move Might Be Right For You

by Georgia Mccoy

Moving professionals are a part of a vast service-based industry. As a result, like most other expansive industries, the services moving professionals offer very extensively. One of the less-discussed offerings afforded to move families is a white-glove service. A white glove move offers the ultimate service for busy people who need to move from one home to another, but do not have the time to handle most of the duties on their own. 

Full-Service Packing

Oftentimes, the stress of moving begins during the packing phase. The idea of assembling boxes and putting each one of your belongings inside sounds like a chore. With white-glove services, you do not have to worry about these steps. A team of professionals will arrive at your home days before your scheduled move date to begin packing all your items for you, from your kitchen cabinets to your clothes dressers.

Disassembly and Assembly

This service will also afford you the luxury of being able to avoid disassembling and assembling your belongings when you move. For example, with some standard moving options, the owner is required to disconnect their washing machine and dryer and prepare them for transport, and when they arrive at their new home, they must connect the appliances themselves. With a white-glove option, the moving team will disconnect these appliances and ensure they are reconnected at the new destination.

Furniture Staging

Once you get all your belongings inside the new home, the first thing you may want to do is to relax, but when the couch is in one place or the dining table is stuffed in the corner under boxes, it is hard to do so. With this moving option, the team of professionals will stage your furniture in your new home the way you would like it. You can rest assured that all the hard moving labor is complete by the time the team departs. 

Storage Inventory Options

Some white glove moving services also include storage options. With this option, the moving company prepares a detailed inventory of each item you plan to store and provides you with an identifying marker to match the item, such as a number. If you need to retrieve the item, you can simply provide the company with this identifying marker and they will prepare the item for you to pick up quickly and easily.  

If you think you would enjoy the service of a white glove move, be sure to speak with a moving professional to learn more about how they can help you. A residential moving service can provide additional information. 


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Learning About Moving And Storage Services

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