Learning About Moving And Storage Services

Learning About Moving And Storage Services

4 Questions To Ask A Potential Moving Company

by Georgia Mccoy

Are you just starting to look for a moving company, but not sure what the differences are between them all? You'll likely want to ask the movers some questions to help narrow down your selection. Here are some things that you should ask before you book your movers.

Are They A Broker Or An Actual Moving Company?

One thing that you'll want to ask is if the company you are inquiring about is an actual moving company or a broker. The key difference between the two is that a moving company has their own staff, trucks, and equipment, and all the work is done by their own company. A broker is going to hire a crew to get the job done, and it may not be a crew that they have worked with in the past. While both moving companies and brokers can work out great, you'll want to know which one you are dealing with.

What Insurance Coverage Is Provided?

It's important to know what kind of insurance coverage is provided when you hire a moving company. There are state laws that determine a minimum amount of insurance coverage, which is typically based on the weight of the item. The minimum coverage is not enough to replace an item completely if it is damaged, especially if it is a lightweight expensive electronic device, but it is something that you would receive if your item is damaged. 

Moving companies should also offer you the option to purchase additional insurance that will fully replace damaged items. Make sure that you understand how much this insurance policy costs and how it would work if you were to use it. 

Do They Require A Deposit?

Is there a deposit that you are required to pay to secure your moving day? If so, how much will the deposit be? Sometimes it is a flat amount, no matter how big the move is, while some companies will charge a percentage of the estimate. In either situation. Ask what it will take to get the deposit back if necessary. You may be required to cancel your move within 24 or 48 hours or risk losing the deposit entirely.

How Big Will The Crew Be?

If you are concerned about how long the move will take, ask about the size of the crew that will be used. You may only need a small-sized crew to perform the move, or you may want a larger crew so that the move goes more quickly.


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